Point Reduction Program

Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

Everything You Need From A Defensive Driving Course

Obtain more than just a great class at a bargain price when you take our Defensive Driving Program in Dunkirk. You'll also get all the rewards:

  • No final required!
  • 10% insurance rates discount
  • Reduce points from your drivers record
  • New York State DMV approved, Sponsoring Agency #029

Dunkirk Defensive Driving

PointReductionProgram.com's web class is uncomplicated and discounted. There is absolutely no final examination and our class meets all New York DMV requirements for an approved IPIRP. If you live in Dunkirk, finish the class that only consists of 4 sections and earns you the Completion Certificate you need to receive all of the benefits that comes with finishing a defensive driving class: insurance reduction, point reduction, and valuable defensive driving laws knowledge gained!

No Need To File Any Paperwork

Another one of the advantages of our internet defensive driving course in Dunkirk is that there is no excess paper-waste. There are no written tests to complete, no New York Department of Motor Vehicles forms to mail in, and no paper traffic school workbooks to print out. Everything you want is entirely on the web... Now that's an eco-friendly defensive driving course Dunkirk residents can rely on!

NYDMV Course Minimum Time Requirements

Any Dunkirk defensive driving course that is an approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program by the NYDMV must meet minimum timing requirements. Currently, NYS law states that any Point and Insurance Reduction Program, online or classroom, must involve at least 5-hrs and 20 minutes of instruction time.

Dunkirk Defensive Driving Value Statement

Offering high quality programs at cheaper costs - that's only part of the PointReductionProgram.com Defensive Driving Mission. We strive to provide traffic school programs that you can count on to make you a more capable and defensive driver in Dunkirk.

Point Reduction And Price Of Insuring A Vehicle Discount Program

Not only will PointReductionProgram.com's defensive driving course help drivers refresh their driving knowledge and keep them up-to-date with today's Dunkirk traffic rules, our class allows eligible drivers to reduce as many as four (4) points on their motor vehicle operator record. The New York DMV system will automatically record student's eligibility, thus allowing them to receive the appropriate reduction. Further, if a student is the 'principal operator of a motor vehicle', they will obtain a minimum Ten-percent reduction in the base rate of their insurance rates every year for the next 3 years.

Defensive Driving Advantages

  • No Classroom Attendance Required
  • Obtain An Automobile Insurance Reduction Of 10% In The Base Rate Of Liability, No-fault & Collision Auto Insurance
  • Sharpen Your New York Defensive Driver Skills And Become A More Defensive Driver

Finish The Course At Your Own Pace

When it comes to a convenient Defensive Driving program in Dunkirk, PointReductionProgram.com has you covered. We let you to login and log off when you choose. Finish our Dunkirk course all at once or over several days - as long as you finish within 30 days, it's all good!