Point Reduction Program

Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

Holtsville Defensive Driving With All The Perks

Obtain more than just a great course at a fair price when you do our Defensive Driving Program in Holtsville. You'll also get all the benefits:

  • No final test required!
  • 10% insurance discount
  • Reduce points from your driver record
  • NYDMV approved, Sponsoring Agency #029

Holtsville Defensive Driving

The Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program was designed by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to aid drivers in reducing traffic ticket points and decrease their cost of insuring a car. Successful completion of this defensive driving program enables you to a mandatory 10% reduction on your auto’s liability, no-fault and collision insurance rates. The insurance reduction is good for 36 months (3 years) and is renewable every 3 years by completing the program again. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles allows motorists who received points on their motor vehicle operator record within the past 18 months to reduce up to 4 points off their driving record by successfully finishing this defensive driving course.

Pay The Way You Choose To

Our defensive driving program isn't the only easy aspect of what PointReductionProgram.com has to offer. We also make paying for your program a cinch! You can pay online or call in to make payment, it's that easy!

How Long Does Holtsville Defensive Driving Course Take?

Any Holtsville defensive driving course that is an approved IPIRP by the New York DMV must meet minimum timing requirements. Currently, NYS law states that any IPIRP, online or classroom, must involve at least 5 hours and 20 minutes of instruction time.

Finishing My Internet Defensive Driving Course

In a hurry to finish your Holtsville Defensive Driving requirement? Then you can go at your own speed and complete the course in a single sitting. Or take your time and split the class into multiple sessions, doing a little here, a little there. We save your work as you go. It's that straightforward and convenient!

Support For New York Defensive Driving

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for live support regarding any of your defensive driving class questions. You can call us toll-free at 800-691-5014 or email us at info@trafficschool.com. We can help you get started, or if you're already a customer, we can help you find resolutions to your course issues.

Reduce Points And Get An Insurance Discount With Pointreductionprogram.com

When you pass an I-PIRP course, you get the same full benefits of doing a classroom PIRP course. Drivers can reduce their driver violation point total by a maximum of four (4) points, and they can save ten (10) percent on their automobile liability and collision insurance premiums.

Our Defensive Driving Mission

Our Holtsville Defensive Driving programs are developed to help you meet all of your NY Department of Motor Vehicles needs. Whether you are looking to reduce points on your DMV driving record or to keep your insurance from rising, PointReductionProgram.com is committed to you!