Point Reduction Program

Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

New York DMV Approved Defensive Driving

It's the complete New York Defensive Driving answer. You get a NYS DMV approved program sponsored by Agency #29, a great ticket school program, up to four points reduced, and your auto insurance discount.

Miller Place Defensive Driving Online

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program was designed by the NYS DMV to aid drivers in reducing traffic ticket points and decrease their auto insurance premiums. Successful completion of this defensive driving course enables you to a mandatory 10% reduction on your auto’s liability, no-fault and collision insurance rates. The insurance reduction is good for 36 months (3 years) and is renewable every 3 years by completing the course again. The NYS DMV allows motorists who got points on their driver record within the past 18 months to reduce up to four points off their driving record by successfully finishing this defensive driving class.

On-line I-PIRP At Your Own Pace

Our I-PIRP is designed to make your life easy! You can log in and sign off as you wish, allowing you to finish the class at your own speed. Just remember that the Miller Place Defensive Driving laws require you to complete your class within a 30 day time frame.

The Environmentally Friendly Defensive Driving Choice

Another one of the rewards of our on line defensive driving course in Miller Place is that there is no excess paper-waste. There are no written tests to complete, no New York DMV forms to mail in, and no paper traffic school workbooks to print out. Everything you need is totally online... Now that's an eco-friendly defensive driving course Miller Place residents can count on!

Why Go To Miller Place Defensive Driving

  • New York DMV Approved, Sponsoring Agency #029
  • Absolutely No Final Test To Take Or Pass!
  • Receive An Vehicle Insurance Reduction Of 10% In The Base Rate Of Liability, No-fault & Collision Price Of Insuring A Vehicle

How Long Will My Course Take?

Any defensive driving or traffic safety school course you do in Miller Place to receive point reduction and a mandatory 10% insurance rates savings must be a minimum of 320 minutes long in instruction time. All of PointReductionProgram.com's New York Defensive Driving courses meet this requisite.

Live Support To Help You Along The Way

We are happy to provide Miller Place customers with friendly and patient customer service reps who are understanding to your needs. We know that picking a defensive driving course may be a foreign experience for you and we want to make it as easy as possible. Call us toll-free at 800-691-5014 or send us an email at info@trafficschool.com.

We Make It Easy

Paying for your traffic safety school in Miller Place doesn't have to cause headaches. We accept payment by check sent in the mail, credit card over the phone, credit card online, or you can even defer your payment until you've tried the course and pay later. We accept the following fine credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.