Point Reduction Program

Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

Internet North Bay Shore Defensive Driving

Exactly what North Bay Shore drivers need from their New York DMV Approved Defensive Driving class:

  • Reduce points from your motor vehicle operator record
  • New York DMV approved, Sponsoring Agency #029
  • 10% cost of insuring a car discount
  • No final exam required!

North Bay Shore Defensive Driving

When you do defensive driving with PointReductionProgram.com, you get the quality and peace of mind that comes with taking a program provided by the American Safety Council. The New York DMV has approved the American Safety Council (Sponsoring Agency #029) to provide accident prevention programs that reduce points and insurance premiums. The defensive driving programs offered by the American Safety Council are 100% North Bay Shore approved and are delivered through the Internet for increased speed and your convenience.

Defensive Driving On The Internet For North Bay Shore Residents

When you partake in PointReductionProgram.com's North Bay Shore Defensive Driving course, you become eligible to reduce as many as four (4) points from your North Bay Shore operator's record. The NYS DMV will automatically receive notice of your point reduction eligibility and you will also qualify for a mandatory 10% insurance costs discount. Point reduction only works for applicable traffic violations that happened within eighteen months of your course completion date. Defensive driving for point reduction, in North Bay Shore, cannot be used to reduce points you receive from traffic citations you may receive in the future.

Login And Logout As You Want

When it comes to a convenient Defensive Driving course in North Bay Shore, PointReductionProgram.com has you covered. We permit you to sign in and log-off when you desire. Do our North Bay Shore course all at once or over many days - as long as you finish within 30 days, it's all good!

The Pointreductionprogram.com Mission

PointReductionProgram.com is dedicated to providing the highest quality driver safety education programs that are on line, easy to use, and offered at the lowest prices. Our relentless pursuit of complete customer satisfaction and a genuine commitment to teaching our customers has kept us the ticket school leader for over 15 years.

Got Defensive Driving Questions? We've Got Answers!

PointReductionProgram.com is committed to providing you more than just the perfect defensive driving course. We also pay special attention to the needs of our customers as they do the course, from beginning to end. Talk to our customer service in North Bay Shore and they will be happy to help!

No Need To File Any Paperwork

You can complete our course from any place you can get online you can get online access in North Bay Shore. You don't need to bother with any paperwork either as there is no written final exam - everything is totally on the internet and all the traffic safety school study material you want is available to you on the internet 365 days a year.

Making Payment For Your North Bay Shore Program

Pay for your North Bay Shore defensive driving course with one of our easy payment methods: we accept payment online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express!